Welcome to New Providence Baptist Church

Pastor and Mrs. Jennings

Pastor Everett & Lady Barbara Jennings, Leaders and Members of New Providence Baptist Church welcome you to our church family. To share our lives together is our honor and privilege. We pray that you are showered with the love, joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What We Believe

  • We believe in the Holy Scriptures
  • We believe that there is only one true and Living God
  • We believe that man sinned and fell from grace
  • We believe that salvation of sinners is all by grace
  • We believe in the justification of every believer
  • We believe that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ
  • We believe that to be saved sinners must be regenerated
  • We believe that repentance and faith is necessary to be saved
  • We believe in the Grace of God
  • We believe in Sanctification of the saints
  • We believe in Perseverance of the believers
  • We believe in the Law of God
  • We believe in the Church of God
  • We believe in Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  • We believe that Sunday is the Christian Sabbath
  • We believe that Civil Government is established by God
  • We believe in the Difference between the Wicked and the Righteous
  • We believe in the World to Come
Our Purpose
To seek and to save those who are lost, and to lead people to a life of faith in Jesus Christ, by building them up through the preaching of the gospel and the teaching of God’s word.
Our Values
  • Faith is the essential foundation for all effective ministries
  • The church is a “birthing place”; people come here to become born again
  • The Word of God must be communicated with Godly integrity and cultural relevance
  • Godly fellowship is essential to the spiritual growth of every member of the church
  • God has called every Believer to use their spiritual gifts in the work of the ministry
  • Ministering in love to the hungry, sick, poor and destitute people of this world
  • Excellence honors God; so all things must be done decently and in order
Our 2014 Commitment
  1. Praise and worship every Sunday
  2. Invite and bring someone every week
  3. Attend the Bible Institute each week
  4. Pray for your church daily
  5. Work and be faithful to a ministry group
  6. Be a faithful student to the Hour of Power
  7. Give tithes and offerings

New Providence Baptist Church Hour of Power

Bible Institute

Wednesday 11:00 a.m. and Thursday 6:30 p.m.

Join Pastor Everett N. Jennings as he moves people young & old further into understanding how much God loves us and connects with us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The purpose of reading and studying God’s Word is to gain understanding of His will and to learn to live by His Word.  Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of scripture and strengthen your commitment to a life lived in Christ.

Bible laying open with a black background

I’m New Here

New Providence Baptist Church FAQ

How should I dress?
However you feel most comfortable. We do not have a dress code. Some worship in jeans and sneakers, others worship in suits and leather-soled shoes. We don’t believe that Jesus cares what you wear, and neither do we.
Do you ask visitors to stand?
We do not ask visitors to stand. It is important to us that visitors be able to worship intimately and comfortably. However, we hope that you will introduce yourselves to us after the worship service. We love to see new faces.
What time are your worship services?
Our Sunday services begin at 8:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m.
How long does your worship service last?
All of our worship services last approximately 90 minutes.
What translation of the Bible do you use?
We primarily use the King James Version, however Pastor reads and refers to many translations during the course of his preaching and teaching.
Do you offer Sunday School services for children?
Yes! We offer Sunday School classes during what we call the Hour of Power, for learners age 3 – adult. Sunday School classes take place from 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Do you offer a weekly Bible Study?
Yes, we provide the Bible Institute taught by the Pastor each Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. The course of study includes a syllabus, outline and weekly take home study material. At the conclusion of the multiple week session, a certificate of completion is awarded.
What must I do to become a member of NPBC?
Membership involves a couple of steps. The first is the confession of Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. The second requires the completion of a couple of courses that familiarize, or refresh, you with the basic tenets of who we are.
When does Baptism take place?
Baptism takes place every 4th Sunday of the month, beginning at 10:30 a.m. There is space at the baptismal pool for friends and family to gather and partake in this joyous event.
Who do I contact about getting married at NPBC?
First, congratulations! News of weddings always excites us. If you are interested in getting married at NPBC, or having a member of NPBC’s clergy marry you at a location of your choosing, please contact our wedding coordinator, Crystal Berry at 313 837-0818 ext 158.